We fight hard skills shortage

The GAMS was founded by professionals in digital advertising who know how hard it is to start working on digital platforms. We noticed that a sandbox tool was missing and we simply created it.

Learning from books and slideshows is of course important.

But if you work in digital advertising, the use of digital tools and platforms is inevitable.

How many of them have you tried so far?

Don't just learn simulate GAMS

The complexity of learning digital marketing

Since we all know it is hard in the beginning, the GAMS helps you to get familiar with professional tools and simulate campaigns on your device.

You tried to be as creative as you could, but without sponsored posts you just gained 10 likes?

It’s time to learn how to plan and execute campaigns!

Platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads are commonly used in digital advertising. But, in order to execute a (test) campaign, you need to use a real budget, though.

If you are a student, how could you get a brand to sponsor your campaigns for practicing purposes?

How many probabilities do you have of being a successful influencer for brands to beg for your endorsement?

How many brands could you help instead if you knew how to plan, execute and optimize campaigns for them?

Honestly, did you know there were so many opportunities in marketing and digital advertising?


Use the GAMS to play and learn from your laptop and mobile anywhere and anytime

Are you a School or a Company interested in learning more about the GAMS?