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Don't just learn, simulate

Global Advertising and Marketing Sandbox

You can just call it GAMS.
It is a sandbox in which you can practice real tasks on professional tools that you will use in your future digital marketing job.
The GAMS leverages your hard skills with the Challenges from professional coaches or your schools. 
Get your Profile Scorecard to attach to your CV and LinkedIn.

Your hard skills tested with the usage of real adv/marketing tools or simulations. These results can be shared with recruiters to ease your job.

Travel with the time machine to see the results of the marketing campaigns you are planning and the actions you need to take to optimize and analyse them.

No actual media budget hurdles. This means you can practice without losing money but still having the same campaign volumes in the simulation.

Many Job opportunities – Few Skills

There are more job opportunities than you think in digital marketing and advertising. However, skills shortage is the main problem for recruiters to find talents.

Gain the hard skills

You are the right talent, you just have to do practice with a sandbox that aggregates and simplifies tools that probably you have just heard of.

Slideshow and quizzes are not enough

The GAMS is enriching your learing experience at school/academy by giving you access to a SaaS tool and practice on your devices.

Main challenges in hiring digital talent

grafico IAB missing skills

*IAB Europe Human Capital Digital Environment 2019 research

A unique place to test
your hard skills on digital tools

The GAMS is a sandbox that lets you learn via professional marketing tools, open platforms and simplified versions of complex advertising tools used in digital communication. Test your skills in the multiple-platform environment and gain an overall result thanks to the Profile Scorecard.
Simulate and practice with challenges that will be helpful for your future job.

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Play and learn in the GAMS sandbox & simulator

Besides your books and slideshows, how about having some fun with your device while learning?

Coaches are challenging you

Professionals are uploading their Challenges in the GAMS and test your ability.

Solve problems of the real working world

Besides project works in group, you need to test yourself in the daily tasks in digital marketing and advertising tools.

Are you a School or a Company interested in learning more about the GAMS?