Challenge Based Learning and Skill Assessment

GAMS is a Skill Validation Platform that enables gamification assessment and learning.
Digital skills are validated via practice on hands-on simulation tools and transferred as meta skills into the Profile Scorecard.

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GAMS presents a simplified interface of professional platforms and can interact with real tools such as
Excel, CRM, MailChimp, Google Analytics 4, Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads & more.


GAMS creates a simulation environment based on Coaches’ professional experience. They dare talents to replicate their Challenges.

We identified the main career paths to follow for the most requested job roles in digital.
Each one consists of a set of Challenges and Steps with a related score.
GAMS evaluates how Challenges are carried out and validates meta skills related to them.

Web Analytics & Data Manager

Responsible for tracking
and Measuring digital insights
and Performance

Digital Strategist & Planner

Oversees marketing strategy
in a Company,
coordinates agencies

Marketing Automation Manager

Carriers out marketing strategies,
Activates marketing campaigns

Campaign Manager

Carriers out advertising campaigns,
Manages and optimizes budget.

Excel Skills

Each company needs this basic tool for everyday business

Profile Scorecard

The meta skills proof to attach to CV experience
The Profile Scorecard certifies and aggregates talents’ meta-skills and hard skills tested with the Challenges given by professional coaches in GAMS.

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