Sandbox Tools

Sandbox Tools consist of simulated environments in which you can do hands-on experience with demos.

Every day, in your Digital Marketing job, you will deal with tools.

We have selected and collected the most used cloud platforms in marketing and made them available for you.

Google Analytics

It enables the analysis of digital data related to the traffic of a website or app and it tracks user behaviour.


The most used tool in media and many other fields where you can organize numbers, data with formulas and functions.

CRM Platform

A CRM system is a tool aimed at helping companies with sales, marketing and service management.

Campaign Ads Manager

The key tool for delivering and tracking digital advertising. Brands and agencies also call it Ad Server Buy.

Facebook Ads

It allows you to implement digital advertising campaigns on the Facebook network.

Google Ads

Buy keywords on Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and buy display ads in the Google Display Network (GDN).

Google Tag Manager

Makes it possible to install code snippets (tags) in the HTML of a webpage, to manage the operations of third-party applications within that website.

Exaudi Audience Platform

A platform able to aggregate, enrich, collect and segment audience data to be activated for personalized advertising campaigns.

Microsoft Clarity

This tool enables you to watch recorded sessions done by users navigating into your website or app. It is useful to gain conversion insights.


Business intelligence tool that allows to explore and analyse data with simple drag and drop operations.

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