Profile Scorecard:
Meta-Skills Dynamic Certificate
in Digital Marketing

The Profile Scorecard is useful to recruiters for having aggregated insights about candidate’s real competencies in using software and working methods, tested in practice rather than based on auto-declared CVs.

Discover a real Profile Scorecard

Unlike other certifications that validate only a course completion, the Profile Scorecard certifies what a student can do for real.

Besides the hard skills validation, the Profile Scorecard can aggregate all certifications of other platforms (like Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics Certification etc) into one place, to avoid recruiters’ headaches.

What are Hard Skills?

Technical skills acquired during training and Challenges in GAMS.

They are important because they increase the employee’s productivity and efficiency.

Plus, they are useful for MadTech managers to see the candidates’ ability to solve tasks.

Some hard skills examples are: CMPV formula calculation, sorting a timeframe, being able to generate a pivot table, and more.

What are Meta-Skill?

The aggregate of broad capabilities that enable and empower other skills.

In GAMS, we have a patent pending system that is able to transform hard skills into meta skills. 

They are useful to HR people for screening purposes, to validate attitude toward MadTech tools.

For example, if tasks in Challenges in tools are performed correctly, the meta-skill “precision” will be highly scored.  

How does it work?


GAMS promotes the deducted learning method. 

Talents will practice through specific Challenges created by expert coaches to appraise steps and actions. Our network of instructors and professionals in digital marketing provide constantly updated tasks.


Steps are the smallest portion of the Challenge and involve user action who need to complete a given task. 

Hard & Meta skills

Thanks to a sophisticated valuation model, GAMS validate talents’ abilities to work on digital platforms that professionals use in their daily job.

Each step corresponds to a specific hard skill. The hard skills, in turn, are grouped into meta-skills.

Profile Scorecard

Profile Scorecard is the validation of hard skills and meta-skills useful to complete the talents’ CV and speed up the recruitment process.

The best performers could get some special badges attesting

Challenges completion with the highest score possible, visible to our recruiters’ network and sharable on Linkedin

Only with the GAMS Profile Scorecard, it is possible to show everyone your real competencies in an objective and benchmarked way.

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