Coach Program

What do Coaches do?

The Coach program is the engine
of the GAMS machine.

Coaches give the best contribution to build the Training Challenges and Validation
Challenges in GAMS Platform, sharing their precious expertise and experience to help talents to
learn better and faster, as if they were already working.


Why should you join?

To be part of a revolution for hard skills validation for the next generation in Digital Marketing & Advertising technology.

To give your contribution to creating a new way of learning Digital Marketing and avertising, more hands-on platforms than theory.

Coaches can be part of the Expert Advisor’ Board being in touch with TOP professionals of the field. Together you will define the best way for learning a subject where you are skilled.

Because when you were a student, you needed something like this, didn’t you?

Who can join?

Only the best in class professionals with proven experience in a specific field in Digital Communication:

Data analysis
Social media

…and more


What is the time commitment?

We will discuss your Challenge proposal together, then you are free to organize your time by an agreed deadline.

Starting your contribution with only a few hours per month, you will help the creation of Challenges into GAMS platform that will shape a new way of learning for talents and a better job match in the future.

See more about Profile Scorecard

Many professionals like you have already given their
contributions to GAMS

Why don’t you start today?