The Global Advertising
& Marketing Sandbox

GAMS platform validates talents’ hard skills thanks to its simulation sandbox of digital advertising and marketing tools.

About us

“As a kid, I wanted to be an advertiser rather than an astronaut or a lawyer. When I grew up, I could understand the difference between an advertising agency and a media agency. I knew that the media was the future.

Then the media evolved and merged with technology empowering data, so the audience could be targeted better.

Nowadays, to be ready for the digital market, technical competencies are crucial more than degrees. Marketing is not only social media and great opportunities are all around.

My advice? If you are a marketer or want to work in digital advertising, choose MadTech for your future”.

(Riccardo Guggiola, founder)


GAMS was born in 2019 as a natural consequence of what a digital advertising professional noticed 

in the market:

  • Students have limited access to professional platforms. The lack of practical experience limits their hard skills development
  • Serious game or business games simulations are too generic and rarely update
  • Massive online open courses (MOOC) are very useful, but often turn out to be only video courses and quizzes

How can talents learn digital jobs solely from slideshows without practicing with tools?

Exercises created by professionals for students. While performing Challenges, they gain score points to validate their hard skills.

How can companies select talents without proof of their hard skills?

A certification of hard skills to complete talents learning  curricula and other soft skills


Skill validation platform for digital marketing and MadTech careers

Companies can access our Talent Hub to find talents tested in GAMS with their Profile Scorecard, and choose the best fit for the job position.

Companies can test shortlisted candidates with Assessment Challenges, helping recruiters gaining strong insights about candidates’ technical skills.

Companies can choose from pre-build assessment challenges or build their own.


Not only a validation platform, GAMS helps people gain knowledge to achieve skills in MadTech.

The sandbox tool is a place for learning by practice and simulation with digital advertising and marketing tools.

Entry Level

Do you want to start a career in
digital & advertising?

GAMS platform is the perfect place to start, integrating your studies with real practice.

A new way of learning

Are you tired of video-courses and screencasts?

Madtech Sandbox Tools to practice is the answer. GAMS offers the opportunity to learn by practicing specific Challenges created by expert coaches to test your hard skills.

Job Access

You can boost your career thanks to the Profile Scorecard, the aggregation of your personal score points gained through the Challenges. This certificate will be shared with our recruiters’ network.

Not only theory

Schools can give students the opportunity to integrate theory with practice on professional platforms all aggregated in GAMS.

This will help students access more job opportunities.

Class selection

Schools can choose the MadTech subjects aligned with their courses matching their specific needs and keep in touch with their current instructors even after a training.

Certified Coaches

Schools can choose only the MadTech subjects aligned with their courses matching their specific needs and even use their current instructors after a training.


Companies can give their
employees the opportunity to
study and gain new skills.

Continuous learning

If employees study and grow, the company will grow with and thanks to them.

GAMS is constantly updating Training Challenges to keep pace with digital marketing and advertising.

Train & Monitor

GAMS platform is a useful asset to train new employees or for an on-boarding process.