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We know you are a master in marketing theory and Kotler has no secrets for you but we also know you need to practice on real tools now.

GAMS is the first place for learning digital marketing and advertising tools with an innovative hands on platform concept. You will learn by doing thanks to our sandbox tools, working directly on a simplified platforms which will help you move to the next step in the complexity of the marketing environment.

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Web Analytics Specialists or Digital Analysts, use data analytics to troubleshoot a website’s design, with the aim of increasing page views, improving the user experience, and converting more visitors into customers.


Campaign managers formulate and run marketing campaigns for products, services, or events to meet company goals. Running campaigns means designing, planning, testing, monitoring, and analyzing the campaigns’ results along the way.


Media Planners work within advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies, with the aim of maximizing the impact of advertising campaigns through a range of media platforms.


Programmatic Traders are in the driver’s seat of online ad-buying. They must be Excel masters, as they often need to pull together reports across multiple platforms.
A highly analytical mindset, research, and problem-solving are the top skills required.
The confidence with both marketing and advertising concepts is the basis.


Programmatic Specialists handle clients’ advertising campaigns from start to end.

The role is focused on strategically automate the buying and placement of digital ads. The objective is to get the most out of every digital advertising spent by only serving ads to specific audience segments.

Role’ keywords are: automated trading, biddable media, ad tech, data-driven advertising.


Analytics Managers gather and analyze data to help clients gain valuable insights and influence decision-making.

Their duties include data mining and management, developing and implementing analytics solutions, and generating reports in an effort to improve their clients’ performance and achieve their business objectives.

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Students FAQs

Challenges are exercises created by professionals to allow students to practice with professional digital marketing tools. Challenges are based on a deducted learning method, so while performing Challenges, you gain score points to validate your hard skills.

Each Challenge is divided into steps that involve taking actions and solving issues to complete a given task, and each step corresponds to a specific hard skill. You can move to the next step once you have completed all the tasks, and you will get a different score based on the step’s difficulty. The score you get is then aggregated into broader categories – called meta-skills – that you can see in your Profile Scorecard once you have completed the Challenge. All Challenges are created by professionals and experts in MadTech (marketing and advertising technology), who try to share their knowledge by replicating real business cases and issues they solved themselves.

In the GAMS platform, there are two types of Challenges: Training Challenges and Validation Challenges. The only difference between the two is that with the Training ones you can practice without affecting your final score – similar to a hybrid way of watching an on demand video and practice in the meantime. While Validation Challenges create your Profile Scorecard and they are based on your hands on practice.

The Profile Scorecard is a digital certificate of the hard skills you have tested with GAMS when performing Challenges. You can share it as an image or download it in pdf, attach it to your CV or share it on your Linkedin profile.

Sandbox tools are professional tools designed in a simplified version by our professionals. They include the main features of specific MadTech platforms, aggregregated and “software selected” to bring you the best experience to validate your hard skills while doing hands-on experience.
These tools are there for you to practice before performing the Challenges and give you the possibility to move freely within GAMS, using all the platform’s features without being tied to the tasks of a specific Challenge. It allows you to practice “freewheel”.

It is recommended to use GAMS from the desktop since some Challenges require the use of external tools in parallel with the platform. Using GAMS from mobile may become a bit confusing, or compromise your performance.

In GAMS we really believe in human capital: we will bridge connections between Premium users that have validated their skills with the GAMS Profile Scorecard and companies seeking talents.

No, you can start your with the Digital Marketing Essentials. Payment is only required when you want access to all Premium Plan features.

Yes, the GAMS Challenges are designed to train a person from an A point to climb. In the platform, you will find a Trial path that will show you how GAMS works and that will help you to start at best.

Don’t worry, contact us at and we will answer any questions you may have.