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Save time and money thanks to Validation Challenge and Assessments for your Candidates

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Every candidate can show a resume, some degrees, certificates, and self-declare 5 stars usage on platforms. Very few of them can demonstrate their hard skills.

GAMS offers you an objective way for saving time (and money) during the selection process thanks to the Profile Scorecard. 

Profile Scorecard is the hard skills certificate that shows what a candidate can do for real.

How does it work?

Talent Hub

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You can access to GAMS repository with Validated Talents with MadTech Skills, matching with requests.
GAMS, via partner Schools, proposes  MadTech Profile Scorecards, so you can pick the best talents validated by the Profile Scorecard.


You are looking for talents for internships / junior positions, so GAMS helps you to find the right match on objective basis.

The Talent Hub is updated based on Schools and Academies deadline courses.  Monthly plan available. 

Validation Challenge Assessement

GAMS offers you specific Validation Challenges Assessment for the recruiting processes, testing candidates’ hard skills required for the job in MadTech.



You have a shortlist of candidates and you need to test some technical abilities and performing tasks using madtech tools.

You can choose between standard validation Challenge assessments or ask for personalized Challenges.

Training For Your Employees

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Train your employees to have more updated knowledge and skills. GAMS Training Challenges are very useful to let people learn and reskill. 
You can keep monitored any time your employees skill progress.


Companies should focus on providing updated training and knowledge to their employees in the always-changing MadTech field.

You can choose between standard Career paths pre-built on GAMS or build your own Training Challenges and Career Paths.

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