Companies and L&D

Use GAMS technology for your learning needs in the company.

You can give your employees the opportunity to study, create engagement and gain new skills using our constantly updating Challenges built by experts.

GAMS platform may be a useful asset also to train new employees during onboarding processes.

You can create your own internal academy and decide between shared options or private and customizable options.

You can even benefit from a white label solution of GAMS, as it would be your internal Skill Validation Platform and integrate with your current LMS.

GAMS is also great for 100% online live remote learning mode as well as a fully live experience.

How does it work?

Build your own Academy

Create your internal Academy using the GAMS Platform.

You can customize the platform by creating ad hoc learning paths and content, in collaboration with our experts.

You can decide between a shared option, to be enjoyed by all GAMS networks, or private options to keep it exclusive to your members.


You want to set up your own internal Academy to use it for more purposes, such as training your employees, onboarding new ones, create customized learning paths and content.

You have three options:

  1. Shared Experience – To grow together and maximise your reach to users.

  2. Private Experience (with GAMS watermark) – Curated solution, focused on exclusive content available for your members.

  3. White Label – Build your Skill Validation Platform, for a full experience!

Training For Your Employees

Train your employees to have more updated knowledge and skills. 

GAMS Training Challenges are very useful to let people learn and reskill. You can choose between standard Career paths pre-built on GAMS or build your own Training Challenges and Career Paths. You can keep monitored any time your employees skill progress.


Companies should focus on providing updated training and knowledge to their employees in the always-changing MadTech field.

You can choose between:

  1. Standard Career paths pre-built on GAMS
  2. Build your own Training Challenges and Career Paths.

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