MadTech Career Paths in GAMS

MadTech is the union between MarTech – Marketing Technology – and AdTech – Advertising Technology. 
We selected the main careers paths you can follow to start rockin’ in the digital world:


Responsible for tracking and measuring digital insights and performance.

  • KPIs for marketing and advertising
  • Web Behaviour analysis
  • Web Audience analysis
  • UTM parameters and trackers 

Carries out advertising campaigns, manage and optimizes budget.

  • Campaign planning
  • Creation of a campaign in ad server
  • Campaign delivery optimization
  • Budget allocation decisioning

Carries out marketing strategies, activates marketing campaigns.

  • Email marketing automation
  • Landing pages structure

  • Use of CRM platforms

  • Lead Management (lead generation, lead nurturing and scoring)

A campaign manager with expertise on ad-exchanges and media channels.

  • Biddable media planning
  • Cross channel campaign optimization
  • User segments creation with DMP
  • Pricing optimization with DSP

Oversees marketing strategy in a company, coordinates agencies.

  • Digital insight planning
  • Digital Strategic planning
  • KPI and Report Analysis
  • Technology and marketing integration

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