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Prepare students for their future means giving them all the necessary to grow and fly on their own.

Schools can give to students the opportunity to integrate theory with practice. We’re talking of real hands-on platform not screencast of tools.
This will help students access job opportunities with a validated Profile Scorecard to certify the ability to use tool, not only the theory.

Schools can select the most fitting Career Paths aligned with school programs and choose level of difficulty.

GAMS is also great for 100% online live remote learning mode as well as a fully live experience.


How does it work?

Trial Licenses

  • LIMITED access for all the students
    of one class, 1 month period
  • Includes modules of 4 hours of live
    training with GAMS Coach
  • Limited Learning Topics
  • Profile Scorecard for each student
  • No access to GAMS Talent HUB


Premium Licenses Training

  • GAMS UNLIMITED Account associated
    with each student and supervisor
  • Live training (remote or in-person)
    by GAMS Coach
  • Fully live remote assistance
  • Unlimited career paths
  • Profile Scorecard for each student
  • Access to GAMS Talent HUB


A placement tool:

Our Team

GAMS platform helps the job match for your students.

We have more than 200 contacts with companies looking for junior candidates through objective skills validated on our platform.

Every student will get a Profile Scorecard that validates technical competencies from experts’ points of view thanks to the Challenges
faced in the platform.


See here our Coaches, ready to support you with GAMS. Anyway, there is no need to replace your current Instructors! We also support School Current instructors with a quick onboarding session for using GAMS in autonomy.

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