Gamification for a Successful Marketing and Business


Gamification for a Successful Marketing and Business Games were anciently created to motivate people to execute things. The power of “Fun” has had, since the creation of games, a huge impact on people’s approach to activities, strategy for business and source of motivation for customers to buy or consume content.  In particular, sport ‘games’ were […]

5 steps to get your motivation back after holidays

It’s always a struggle to get motivation back after some time off. Here below we suggest 5 easy ways to get your motivation back to start this September and winter in the best possible way. 1. Set goals “There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go” (Seneca). Creating a […]

How to look for a job, pass application tracking systems, and get noticed by HR

Interview with Marianna Poletti Nowadays, young jobseekers all face the same obstacles, questions and uncertainties. Many don’t know which career path to follow, what job role they might be suited for, or what would give them satisfaction. Many don’t even know what job roles they can apply for with the skills and knowledge gained during […]

#studentsuccessstories: Antonio Marletta

GAMS CAREER PATH: Campaign Manager DEGREE: Corporate Communications Management CURRENT POSITION: Junior Campaign Manager PARTICULAR SIGNS: Natural aptitude for observing & analyzing Antonio has always known what he wanted to do in his life. He always dreamt of becoming a true professional in the marketing industry one day. Thanks to his great passion for technological […]

#studentsuccessstories: Andrea Balice

GAMS CAREER PATH: Campaign Manager DEGREE: Translations & Interpreting + Marketing Master CURRENT POSITION: Junior Digital Strategist PARTICULAR SIGNS: Digital addicted & Passionate about foreign languages Andrea loves digital and the advertising world, and his biggest dream is to travel all around Europe while working for his clients. After his graduation, he decided to follow […]

The importance of skills: why, which ones and how to gain one

The importance of skills: why, which ones and how to gain one Whether you’re a professional or a graduate, in your job hunt, your skills matter. They tell potential employers what you can do, how you can do it, and even who you are. All skills can generally be divided into two main types: hard […]

How and why the MadTech world could be your next job opportunity?

How and why the MadTech world could be your next job opportunity? Few years ago, marketing and advertising used to live separately. Marketing, advertising and technology job opportunities seemed not to be connected at all and professionals needed to have very distinct skills, appropriate to each job role. But with time, the line between the […]

Haier Europe Case study

GAMS meets Recruiters Recruiting people is not an easy process, especially when it comes to the final step and your candidates are all skilled but you can’t hire all of them. How to decide who is the best fit for your company? Well, technology can be a valid ally in this kind of impasse. Those who […]

Antonello Sessa: a Campaign Manager success story

The digital advertising ecosystem is complex and sees many actors involved. In this global industry, there are not just Facebook or Google as may appear to most, but the advertising scene counts thousands of technology providers, media owners, publishers, and media agencies sharing the cake. The fast-growing technological opportunities offer more job opportunities day by […]