Haier Europe Case study

GAMS meets Recruiters

Recruiting people is not an easy process, especially when it comes to the final step and your candidates are all skilled but you can’t hire all of them. How to decide who is the best fit for your company? Well, technology can be a valid ally in this kind of impasse. Those who work in HR already know the quantities of screening tests and assessments available on the table but, are these tools good to evaluate a candidate’s technical skills for every kind of role? What if you are hiring for a Digital Marketing & Web Analytics position? company

Nowadays, recruiting processes are moving online faster than ever, also owing to the sanitary emergency. There is a need for simplified tools to improve the efficiency of the hiring process, especially to evaluate candidates’ hard skills for technical roles on an objective basis.

Haier Europe faced the need to check candidates’ hard skills for the Junior Digital Advertising Specialist role and GAMS helped the company in making a more informed decision faster and with confidence with Specific Assessment Challenges.

GAMS is a skill validation platform that offers HR professionals and managers a boost during the hiring process. Via specific Assessment Challenges, the platform allows potential new entries in the company to demonstrate their digital advertising and marketing skills in a practical way. Candidates face and solve tasks they would approach during their daily work through the contextual use of different marketing tools.

How GAMS works: Assessment Challenges

The GAMS platform is not only for learning and practice for Marketing students in Schools or self-learners, but it is also a powerful tool in HR hands for assessing hard skills. The platform’s specific Challenges are part of a more structured program, called MadTech Career Path, which validates candidates’ hard skills on selected topics such as:

  • Digital Advertising Campaign Management
  • Web Analytics & Data Manager
  • ADV formulas & KPI Excel Spreadsheet

Every Challenge is a set of prebuilt tasks created by professionals challenging the candidates on sandbox tools. When playing Challenges, candidates gain Score Points and based on Artificial Intelligence models, GAMS evaluate the ability and hard skills of each person. In this gamification, GAMS collects info on some defined hard skills and could also provide the Like-A-Pro Badges: special rewards for the best players only!

The results students or candidates obtained are collected in a personal Profile Scorecard which could be added to the CV and soft skills during recruitment process. The Profile Scorecard does not only demonstrates a course accomplishment but gives a full overview on how tasks were carried out and validates candidates’ hard skills which companies are looking for before hiring them. 

PROFILE SCORECARD - GAMS - hard skills certificate

The GAMS platform aims at a more ambitious role, offering the opportunity to smooth out the skills mismatch in the digital labour market, breaking down the discrepancy between the skills required by companies in MadTech and those that the workers have, especially at entry-level.

GAMS does not leave any student or candidate alone. When candidates start their Challenges, they have been previously prepared with provided video tutorials, information, and a Coach reference for all technical support on the platform.

Haier Europe experience: Assessment test program 

Haier, as everybody knows, is a modern and globalized company leading the domestic appliances market around the world and completely immersed in the Digital Era.

The Assessment test program implemented for Haier Europe was thought for the Junior Digital Advertising Specialist role on a candidate short-list and has been a very useful contribution for the hiring process, giving candidates the chance to demonstrate the required hard skills for the job in a practical way and recruiters a valid instrument for making a valuable choice.

Francesco Bellomo, Brand and Consumer Insight Manager for Haier Europe, confirms that:

“After we shortlisted a few candidates, GAMS helped us in taking the final decision as it allowed us to assess their hard skills and familiarity with digital advertising”.

How did the assessment test work?

GAMS first collected candidates’ emails and names from Haier and opened an account for each of them; meanwhile, candidates received an activation email with instructions on how to perform the Challenges.

As they performed the Challenges, candidates were evaluated on specific topics in scope with the selection, such as Web Analytics, Excel, Adv Formulas, Ad Server. All the results collected contributed to the creation of a personal Profile Scorecard for each candidate and shared with recruiters. Haier was facilitated in the selection of candidates based on a comparison between performance and the result on the evaluation sheet.

The assessment test was a success in terms of finding the right person for the company, matching its requirements. On the other hand, all candidates that played Challenges on the platform had the chance to learn and improve their skills. It is a valuable company purpose to create and add value to the job market, incentivizing a valuable cycle of exchange between the company and what revolves around it.

Riccardo Guggiola, the founder of GAMS, said:

As an instructor, I noticed that teaching marketing technology only with slide shows, video and screencast decreases the chance to remember the many technical aspects of the tool usage, which are fundamental in the workplace.

How could companies like Haier Europe actually test the ability to use Google Analytics or perform a campaign in an ad-server, staying as objective as possible between candidate evaluations?

The GAMS Profile Scorecard is the answer, and this certification tells how good people are in essential topics of the digital marketing business”.


GAMS for Companies

Every company which is facing the same situation as Haier Europe, looking for the right way to make an informed choice on a selection of candidates, can contact us, asking for specific hard skills to test on for a required digital job profile.

GAMS can provide dedicated and fast Assessment tests to validate true candidates’ potential and their hard skills. Hiring digital talents with the right skills is now a piece of cake, isn’t it?

Do you want to know the best option for your company?