#studentsuccessstories: Andrea Balice

Andrea loves digital and the advertising world, and his biggest dream is to travel all around Europe while working for his clients.
After his graduation, he decided to follow his dream, so he enrolled in a Master in Marketing and he studied a lot on his own thanks to all the available online resources.
But something was missing. Theory is good but what about practice?
That’s why Andrea decided to practice with GAMS to get expertise in Campaign Management and move towards his dream.

GAMS has been his secret weapon to add qualified practice to what he studied only in theory. 

His Profile Scorecard shows Andrea’s proficiency in two of the main topics in the Campaign Manager Career Path: Campaign Management and Adv Formulas.

The Profile Scorecard is a certificate built by professionals that can be showed to recruiters and added to the CV. 


Andrea, what is your job?

I'm a Digital Advertiser

I spend my days analyzing, structuring, implementing and optimizing advertising campaigns on Google or on Social Media, with the aim of showing the right people the right content at the right time.

What is your motto?

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

(Elbert Hubbard)

How was your experience with the GAMS platform?

I was very impressed by the possibility of really practicing on the platform and going beyond the classic courses.

Today we have the chance of learning thanks to online resources, communities, and videos, but still hard to take our hands on the platforms to familiarize ourselves with those tools. I finally felt more confident thanks to GAMS.

Do you want to boost your career too?​