#studentsuccessstories: Antonio Marletta

Antonio has always known what he wanted to do in his life. He always dreamt of becoming a true professional in the marketing industry one day.
Thanks to his great passion for technological innovation and a natural aptitude for observing and analyzing everything, Antonio is already one step ahead towards his future.
Antonio told us his story from graduation to a Junior Campaign Manager position, telling us the efforts and steps it took to reach his goal.

GAMS has been his secret weapon to add qualified practice to what he studied only in theory. 

His Profile Scorecard shows Antonio’s proficiency in two of the main topics in the Campaign Manager Career Path: Campaign Management and Adv Formulas.

The Profile Scorecard is a certificate built by professionals in Marketing & Adverting field that can be showed to recruiters and added to the CV. 

PSC Antonio Marletta

Antonio, what is your current job?

I'm a Junior Campaign Manager

I currently work for a company in Bari that operates in healthcare marketing, and I deal with setting up online advertising campaigns. I still have a lot to learn, but the simulation I did on the GAMS platform allowed me to focus on the fundamental elements to create an online advertising campaign.

How was your path from student to professional?

After graduating, I had a series of interviews to pursue a career in digital marketing. Many compliments, but no work agreement.

During interviews, when I was asked if I knew how to manage some professional platforms, I realized that I knew the theory, but reality is a different story. Therefore, I decided to find a solution, a way to solve this problem since I hadn’t found so far the opportunity to learn for real.

How was your experience with the GAMS platform?

I can say that thanks to the practice I have done with GAMS, I improved my skills and I had the chance to take up employment with much more awareness of my actual abilities.

When I graduated, it wasn't easy to get a job. Now, I stand out in job interviews because I can show to recruiters what I am able to do on an operating level.

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